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You deserve to be part of an exclusive community that not only supports and celebrates you, but also elevates the visibility of your business. A community where you are uniquely seen, heard, and understood, so that your business can propel to new heights.

Are you ready to step into the room where it all happens and unlock the potential for greater visibility and success for your business?

Female Entrepreneurs bring extra magic into the world.

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You know you're a brilliant business owner, but there are days when you feel lost, invisible, and like you're carrying the weight of your business alone. It can be overwhelming and confusing, especially with so many voices telling you how to succeed on their terms. But deep down, you know that true success comes from being true to yourself and following your own path.

What if you didn't have to navigate this entrepreneurial journey alone anymore? What if you could be part of something extraordinary, something that goes beyond your individual aspirations?

That's exactly why we created the St. Pete Girl Boss CEO Level Upgrade Membership. We understand you. We understand the challenges, the dreams, and the burning desire to make a difference. But we also know that success is not a solitary pursuit. It's about being a part of a strong community, gaining more visibility, and acquiring next-level knowledge.

With our membership, you'll be surrounded by like-minded women who genuinely "get" you. Together, we'll create a powerful support system that propels your business forward. We believe in collaboration over competition, lifting each other up, and sharing the insights and expertise that can take us all to new heights.

But it doesn't stop there. We're here to ensure that your brilliance shines brightly in the world. We offer visibility opportunities that will amplify your business and help you reach a wider audience. Imagine the impact you can make when your unique voice and offerings are seen and heard by those who need them most.

In addition, our membership provides access to next-level knowledge. We're talking about exclusive resources, expert guidance, and game-changing strategies that will empower you to navigate the ever-changing business landscape with confidence and clarity.

So, are you ready to say goodbye to feeling alone on this journey? Are you ready to join a community that understands, supports, and uplifts you? Are you ready for a stronger community, more visibility, and next-level knowledge?

The St. Pete Girl Boss CEO Level Upgrade Membership is here to make that a reality. Step into something amazing, something bigger than yourself. Together, we'll redefine success on your own terms and be a part of a community where your brilliance can truly shine. Join us today and let's embark on this incredible journey together.


We would love to be part of your entrepreneurial journey and be by your side every step of the way

Together we can help you uplevel and cultivate your wildly successful business.

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We are a non-competitive, brilliantly whimsical, uniquely inspiring female-exclusive membership organization dedicated to the growth and advancement of women in business in Tampa Bay.

We seek to unify female entrepreneurs, uplift one and all, and provide opportunities for growth and connection.

There is room for everyone.

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It’s time to uplevel, and we’re so glad you’re here.

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See what our current members are saying...


Taylor Dunworth

Handmade Tampa Bay


Adrienne Venable

Social Dragonflies


Kelly Abanda

Design Your Detour


Denise Marsh

Empowerment Retreat Leader at RAW

Author Do It For Your Selfie


Lulu Ericson

Finding Freedom Life Transformation


Ilene Mitnick

CoFounder of The Zest Zone 


Carla Clayton

Owner of Wellness Lady


Nicole Saunches

Real Estate Advisor with Coastal Properties Group


Michelle Lowther

Owner of Lowther Legal


Alli Baldwin

Owner and CoFounder of The Zest Zone

Imagine How You Would Feel Every Day If You Had...



We are going to conquer your fears, and help you identify the real fearless powerful YOU and take on every challenge like the BOSS you are!


More fans, More email list Subscribers, More Followers & More Customers to fall in love with your business and you!


We are going to show you ways to make your business more profitable.  Cutting expenses while increasing profits.


We are going to be with you every step of the way holding your hand & giving you that extra motivation to achieve your goals.


Unlock the power of increased visibility for your business and watch as it opens doors to new opportunities, expands your reach, and propels you towards greater success. Our membership is designed to provide you with the strategies, resources, and support you need to maximize your visibility and make a lasting impact in your industry.


Connect, network, and enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine with fellow St. Pete Girl Bosses in our community

What happens when powerful women

elevate collaborate and educate one another?  

We change the world!

I am ready to be the best version of my entrepreneur self!

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Where the Magic Started

We started with Friday morning coffees to network and feature speakers who are experts in our community. We quickly outgrew the small space we met in and are thrilled to continue expanding the networking, workshops, and community events we offer.

Being a St. Pete Girl Boss Means...

We believe in non-competition, a little whimsy, and finding inspiration within our community. So much brilliance can be found in the company we keep!

We believe in being in flow with our authenticity and in finding women who want that, too.

We believe in the growth and advancement of women in business in the Tampa Bay area.

We seek to unify female entrepreneurs, uplift one and all, and provide opportunities for growth and connection.

We love to volunteer together, have fun together, and most of all, connect to share wisdom, opportunity, and experience as entrepreneurs. 


A whole army of cheerleaders is waiting for you!